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Why It Feels So Good To Give AND Receive:

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Few things can compare to the joy and excitement that springs from receiving a surprise gift delivery. Not only because we all like to be spoiled with little items of luxury that we may not necessarily purchase for ourselves, but because someone has taken the time and thought to make you smile.

Given there is no greater feeling than giving a gift that sparks love, joy and a sense of feeling cared for- we are driven to provide a service that is both simple for our givers, and will make our recipients’ day.

By supplying a range of the highest quality, artisan Australian brands, we take pride in supporting local business while forming happiness, gratitude, and strengthening bonds between people through the simple act of kindness that is giving.

All at the click of a button.
From wherever you are when you have the thought to spread some kindness.

With an eye for detail and a passion for design and style, we endeavor to finish off your bespoke Gift Box in wrappings that are sure to result in a huge smile and a full heart.

TJ 💋
Precious Gift Boxes
Melbourne, Victoria