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Save on Postage!

The reason we need to charge the amount we do on postage is because most Gift Boxes we sell weigh a fair bit and literally cost that amount to send.

However, if you are just spoiling yourself, or are happy to buy any of our specialty products unwrapped- simply shoot me an email: preciousspaces@yahoo.com.au with a list of what you're after and your address, and I'll have it weighed and send you an invoice including the exact amount the postage will cost without all of the wrappings.

After all, we can't all sit around and hope someone is going to #spreadthelove, or #payitforward our way! Sometimes we need to focus on some #selfcare too.

We also have the option of click and collect if you live in or around the Croydon area of Melbourne if you would like to save on postage all together.

Happy shopping darlings!

TJ 💋
Precious Gift Boxes
Melbourne, Victoria